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35 years of political journalism

News Room .

NewsRoom An independent news site

Scoop .

Scoop An independent news site

Point of Order .

A Site co-edited by two senior New Zealand Journalists .

A Site for economic news

The Spin Off .

Last years Award Winning Media Site

As you will see, we need to get a few more logos from some sites

We have tried, and we are emailing them all

Political Blogs

ysb logo
A blog promoting free speech
kiwiblog logo
A Liberal (hard on crime) blog
the bdf logo
A Conservative Blog
daily blog logo
A Left Wing Blog

The Standard .

A Left Wing Blog
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Reason, Reasonable, Robust
rightminds logo
A Right Wing Newsite
pundit logo
A Non Partisan Blog

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We will have lots of polls there - we aim to have more Polls than they do in Poland

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